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*Hire a Information Specialist, when Google is not enough.

*When your company needs *In Real Life* persons to be interviewed.

*When your company can´t ask the questions on your own.

*International Research with our network in the Association of Independent Information Professionals: AIIP.

*Your Norwegian Connection.

Hire a researcher and information specialist, when Google, Bing, and the other Search Engines are not enough. Also when the answers must come from *In Real Life* persons.

Frode Svindseth has been on the Internet since before January 1991, and when the World Wide Web was launched from CERN in January 1991 to Academia, and later to the General Public in August 1991.

For more than 27 years, when there was e-mail, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Usenet News groups, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Veronica and Gopher, I have been on the Net.

My best motivation is customers and people.

Experience of voluntary work and research services.

If you need information research done in Norway or International, please contact: - Mobile/Cell phone: +47 920 37 986 - Skype: FrodeSvindseth.

InfoSearch Frode Svindseth Research

Your Norwegian Connection.

-Help with your info.

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